August 04, 1998

Dr. Myron Brown Donates Antique Adjusting Tables to Sherman College

Dr. Myron Brown, a member of the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic Board of Trustees, recently donated two antique portable adjusting tables to the college.

Both solid oak tables, which date back to the early 1900s, were given to Dr. Brown by Delos Brown (no relation), an elderly patient of his where he practices in West Liberty, Iowa. Mr. Brown is the grandson of Dr. M.P. Brown who was the first medical doctor hired by Palmer Chiropractic College.

In 1906, D.D.and B.J. Palmer were indicted for practicing medicine without a license. With the advisement of their attorney, they hired Dr. Brown to act as a shield against those charges. Dr. Brown was a student of D.D. Palmer and became the very first dean of Palmer College, then Palmer School (until 1961). He worked at Palmer College until his death in 1920.

Delos Brown spoke often to Dr. Myron Brown about his grandfather and the adjusting tables, which have been passed down in his family from generation to generation. Dr. Brown was so interested in the story that he began researching the history of Dr. M.P. Brown. Delos later presented the tables to Dr. Brown.

“The tables were elegantly put together,” said Dr. Brown. “On the bottom of each table, an identification certificate can be found, which is ideal for authentification.”

When asked why Dr. Brown donated the tables to Sherman College, he said, “Because Sherman College is where chiropractic lives. These treasures in chiropractic history belong where chiropractic is.”

The tables are now on display in the Sherman College Library.


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