August 04, 1998

Epigrams at Sherman College Receive a Face Lift

EPIGRAM (ep-i-gram) n. a short, witty statement or poem.

The epigrams at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic were originally painted on the walls in the hallways and classrooms in 1977 by students Michael Frigiola and David Vorzimer. The epigrams, mostly sayings of B.J. Palmer, were inspiration for thousands of Sherman College students and visitors.

Over the years, because of maintenance and upkeep needs of the college, many of the epigrams were painted over.

This year, David Koch, president of the college, appointed Susan Newlin, vice president for enrollment services, as chairperson of an epigram committee. This committee's purpose was to coordinate the repainting of the remaining epigrams and the creation of new ones.

Susan appointed a group of four students and one staff member to help with the project. Each student submitted to the committee ten of their favorite epigrams based on the ones remaining and photographs of older ones that had been painted over. Of those favorites, a list was compiled and presented to the student body for voting on their favorites. Students were also given the opportunity to submit their personal favorites that may have not been on the list. The top vote getters were selected for painting.

In order to preserve these paintings, a background color was painted where the epigrams are now placed. This permits the regular upkeep of the walls without jeopardizing the integrity of the epigram paintings.

With paint donated by a local business, Bob's Paint, five students diligently worked to have the project completed in time for Lyceum.

Thank you to the following students who made this project come to life: Jason & Gretchen Carrington (who spent countless hours mathematically figuring out the dimensions of the stencils used in the project), Jami Carr, Lisa Jaco, and Karan Miller.

Serving on the epigram committee were Lisa Acocella, Jami Karr, Dan Lemberger, Cari Spanton and Shane Walker.

Due to interest by several alumni, the college plans to make the stencils used in the epigram project available for puchase in the college bookstore.

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