September 9, 1997

Sherman College Presents Chiropractic to One Million Travelers a Month

Over one million travelers a month head north through South Carolina on Interstate 85. Recently these travelers have started passing a new Sherman College billboard which is quickly becoming the talk of the Upstate.

This board, promoting chiropractic and Sherman College, was installed the week before Lyceum. At 16 feet high by 60 feet wide, it is one of the largest in the southeast. Its bold dark blue background with alternating yellow and white lettering, and its proximity to the interstate at Exit 40 northbound, readily catch the eye of drivers and passengers alike.

This Sherman College board is one of five new billboards in the general Spartanburg area. "Our goal is to promote the profession and make the general public much more aware of the benefits of chiropractic," said Walter Dahlgren, vice president for institutional advancement. We also want to support our local alumni in their practices and let potential students know, as they consider career opportunities, that Sherman College is Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Service.

Billboard design 1997 Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic

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